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hell, i can't even keep up with my tumblr and now a new LJ. 

what can i say, it can't be helped. i think it'll help me with my thought processes, especially when i am frustrated as hell over school and my career path. i always question whether or not i can stick to my interests based on my own self interest in things to do with my ethnicity (masturbatory) or trying to make a difference in the world. or.... really, trying to match up these two is a pain in the ass.

especially when i have to move from a predominantly people of color area to one full of white people, and of course academia's no help there. hello more white people. 

and i am constantly crippled by the fact that i haven't read ANYTHING, because i've spent most of my time online, fandoming. reading fanfic. NOT immersing myself in either theory or what is normally considered "literature." i'd like to argue that this is in fact an advantage, but is it? it just gets thrown in my face all the time that i haven't read something. one of the other students told me when you haven't read something you should say "it's been a while since i read it..." good answer. so, dealing with white people who (think) they know more than me, check. 

anyway, this LJ is my answer to 1) fandoming, 2) my issues with the world. 
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